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All The Tools You Need To Gain Visibility Online For Your Business

Vision Your Style

 Vision Your Style - $97

 This is the perfect 1st Step to take to stand out as exceptional in a crowded marketplace as you confidently build your business and your brand.

 Through this workshop series you'll begin to create your signature style so you can:

  1. Gain insight and clarity to make it super simple
  2. Build your confidence so you can boldly move forward on a personal level - and a professional one 
  3. Gain visibility and recognition through the power of personal style

 What's included: 

 5 Video Tutorials

3 Lessons

A step-by-step PDF resource - to keep things convenient

A next-steps Action Plan - to make it super simple


 A private 1-1 focus session to give you the personal attention you need when developing your signature style.  

All the tools you need to creating a signature capsule wardrobe for your life and Brand.

 We start by uncovering your limiting beliefs and blocks. We look at the areas that you are most struggling with and we give you the tools and direction to help you gain the confidence you need to show up and be camera ready for your life and business.



Josee Lo Porto

I met Heather at a wellness event my company was holding. I fell in love with the kimono she was wearing and I bought it right off her back and then went back to the one her daughter was wearing. I was immediately drawn to Heather's vibrant energy when I was given an oppourtunity to model for the group. I was nervous to model her beautifull pieces of art but Heather's air of calm surrounded me as I channeled my confidence in that room. I knew that I wanted to connect with her because her artistic way fashion called to me in excitement. Through getting to know Heather over the years I have come to consider her a friend, mentor and even a partner in womens wellness. Heather's vibrant personality shows in all that she does. She has provided me with a confidence in fashion and self expression that I always felt I had to stifle and I feel vibrant and excited when I get to work with her.